Towards ArtVerona 2024: quality is the hallmark of the event which strengthens the synergy with the main brands of Veronafiere

ArtVerona is working to define the project for its 19th edition, which marks an important renewal in terms of organisation, both by maintaining the high quality level of the galleries and putting on display additional projects curated by Stefano Raimondi, now in the fifth year of his artistic direction. There will be again cultural projects of international importance, such as Red Carpet and Habitat, which this year too will see a close collaboration with the Civic Museums of Verona, and, in particular, with the Achille Forti Modern Art Gallery. This year Stefano Raimondi will be supported by Elena Forin, an independent curator, teacher of the History of Contemporary Art workshop of the degree course in Communication and Contemporary Media for Creative Enterprises of the University of Parma, and curator of the Panorama project of the Rome Quadrenniale. There is also news from the ArtVerona Advisory Board, which this year includes Vanessa Carlon, a Verona-based entrepreneur, vice-president of the Palazzo Maffei Carlon Foundation and director of the House Museum of Palazzo Maffei, whose foundation she helped create. Last year the ArtVerona Board was strengthened by the arrival of two new key figures, Katia Da Ros and Virginia Montani Tesei, who supported the work of Antonio Coppola, Giorgio Fasol, Massimo Gazzani and Alessia Zorloni.

For the fifth consecutive year, the visual identity was entrusted to Studio Temp, a graphic design studio from the city of Bergamo. The 2024 graphic campaign is based on the evolution of the cartographic theme used in the previous edition. The idea is to explore the concept of connection and encounter, themes expressed through the interaction of boundaries that overlap, intersect and merge in shapes and colours. According to a vision in the pursuit of which the Fair extends well beyond its temporal limits, there will be a variety of stages leading up to the event during which ArtVerona will touch on different geographical sites and venues. The first appointment will be at Vinitaly, the international wine and spirits exhibition (14-17 April 2024), during which the traditional Ristorante d’Autore – which this year has changed its name to Ristorante d’Arte e d’Autore – will display works from the Veronafiere collection, built over the years through the A Disposizione fund. The message of contemporary art is thus brought into the entrepreneurial universe of wine through initiatives aimed at involving both the public and the protagonists of a market that has long shown attention to visual languages. There will be no shortage of consumer-oriented events: the first to be put on the agenda is Lives!, scheduled for Monday 15 April in the Loggia di Fra’ Giocondo. The now successful format is curated by Nicolas Ballario and Rodrigo D’Erasmo, and involves the narration in words and music of the life of an art history giant. Lives! will also be repeated on the days of the fair within an extensive cultural programme called Art&TheCity, created by the partnership with the most important public and private institutions of the city, such as the Civic Museums of Verona, Cariverona Foundation, Palazzo Maffei House Museum, the University and the Academy of Fine Arts.