The 17th edition of ArtVerona was scheduled 14-16 October 2022. A consolidated team under the artistic direction of Stefano Raimondi is ready to take up the challenges that the global situation poses for everyone involved in the art system. Close discussion between the art show and galleries has seen new solutions emerge to face a critical and ever-changing context by creating a new trade fair model: permanent, circular, accessible and capable of developing in physical form by integrating the most innovative functions provided by the digital world.

The event presents itself to the public with a new visual identity that interprets the changes taking place throughout the world. Curated by StudioTemp, the coordinated image features graphics highlighting Italy’s natural landscapes: Valpolicella, Baia delle Zagare, Scala dei Turchi, Terme di Saturnia and Monte Bianco. They are evocative sights of enchanted and dreamlike landscapes across the whole of Italy. Time is identified as something mysterious, not very harmonious, precarious, at times threatening yet also fascinating, full of energy, challenges and opportunities. These places define the Italian System of ArtVerona, an event that in a way “captures” Italy through galleries arriving from all over the country, not only the big cities but also from cultural outposts in more far-flung areas.

ArtVerona 2022, continuing its identity and mission as a landmark event promoting and sustaining the Italian art system, comes forward as an edition that will be developed throughout the year, thanks to content and meetings that preview and stimulate the in-person experience of the Show. By encouraging direct collaboration between galleries and collectors, museums, foundations, curators, companies and artists’ residences, ArtVerona seeks to emphasise the importance and value of exchange and mutual support.
ArtVerona is an elegant and perfectly groomed event. Its appeal is based on a consolidated identity that focuses on promoting Italian art, a carefully selected and varied proposal, attention to collectors, a vocation for relationships and the local area context.

ArtVerona is building its future through constant attention to history and the inclusion of emerging realities as the basis for its growth.#ITALIANSYSTEM defines the three-year period 2020-2022 of ArtVerona. The event aims to involve and strengthen the dialogue between national and international operators who help define and promote the Italian art system.

The 17th edition was put forward new sections and action as a way to offer an engaging experience, attract more generations and audiences, broaden its vision with an impetus towards what is new, become sustainable and accessible at several levels by taking the route of innovation and exploiting the knowledge and resources of the local area where it operates.

The event was held in the spacious Veronafiere Exhibition Centre, entering through the new Re Teodorico gate. The set-up, with the new interior lighting system and straightforward stand management, ensures a refined display that makes the most of exhibits at the same time as welcoming numerous visitors in the best possible way.