The 2024 edition of ArtVerona, to be held from 11 to 13 October, will come to a close while giving continuity to an artistic journey that from the outset has promoted the Italian art system, which represents the beating heart of this event, and it could not be otherwise. Stefano Raimondi’s artistic directorship has been characterised mainly by his having been able to bring in new resources – foundations and archives or artists’ residencies – as well as new audiences, and by having placed cultural projects of international relevance at the heart of the event. We might also think of the Red Carpet, this year designed by Ugo Rondinone and in past editions by Paola Pivi (2021), Stefano Arienti (2022) and Peter Halley (2023), which has become one of ArtVerona’s most recognisable and identity-enhancing projects. It is a monumental work of art that takes the form of a carpet of over 400 square metres, and that welcomes visitors to the Galleria dei Signori, serving as a meeting platform and an immediately recognisable artistic feature.

Habitat, now in its third edition, after the success of the previous editions that featured Luciano Fabro, Marina Apollonio, Nanda Vigo and Ugo La Pietra, Giulio Paolini, Marinella Pirelli and Gianni Colombo, will also be developed in 2024 both in the spaces of the fair and at the GAM in Verona, presenting environments created in the 1960s – drawing on the impetus and teachings of Lucio Fontana’s environments – by major Italian artists. Mario Merz at GAM and Fabio Mauri at the fair are the two great twentieth-century artists to whom the project is dedicated this year.

For the fifth consecutive year, the visual identity was entrusted to Studio Temp, a graphic design studio from Bergamo. The 2024 graphic campaign is based on an evolution of the cartographic theme used in the previous edition. The idea is to explore the concept of connection and encounter, themes expressed through the interaction of borders that overlap, intersect and merge into shapes and colours.