Sustainable Art Prize edition 2022

The commitment to sustainability is highlighted through a series of projects implemented by ArtVerona: they include the Sustainable Art Prize, founded in 2017 through the agreement between the Sustainability Office of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and ArtVerona.
The award went to Laura Pugno, represented by Galleria Peola Simondi Artecontemporanea (Turin), with the following motivation: “Laura Pugno’s artistic experiences are expressed through languages that evolve over time, as well as differentiated techniques. This highlights aesthetic maturity expressed, in particular, through research work into the relationship between people and the natural environment, which also manages to promote the profiles of UN 2030 Agenda which are usually left in the background. Her artistic output reveals an alternative awareness of reality and, using the world of science as a point of reference, highlights the conditioning often associated with cultural rules. The artist already has several previous experiences of openly sharing reference realities and the jury believes that this could be the basis for a broad project of sharing with students and the research community of universities in the Veneto Region.”

Laura Pugno, represented by galleria Peola Simondi Artecontemporanea (Turin)