Transmedia exhibition from NONE collective
Commissioned by Pasqua Wines for ArtVerona

13 – 15 October 2023
Palazzo del Capitanio, Verona, Entrance from Piazza Indipendenza
from 11:00 to 22:00

Man’s first necessity is the superfluous.
Albert Einstein

With the transmedia exhibition SUPERFLUO, the artists encourage reflection on the usefulness of the useless and on what is really necessary, because it is often unremarkable things, apparently useless, that make us happy. The installation seeks to overcome preconceptions and offer an incentive to reconsider the concept of superfluous. The usefulness of the useless stems from the awareness that man is nourished by emotions, and it is these which most characterize his humanity. The superfluous is everything that gives meaning to the moment, to the here and now, what makes existence pleasurable. Like wine, art flows into our unconscious and reaches a deeper level of reason – feeling. Logic is not enough, there are no objective parameters to measure emotion. Usefulness, meaning and purpose are not sufficient to explain humanity. Emotions, knowledge, art, luxury are a necessity that begins when the necessary ends. And so, we are appreciating the ephemeral, the useless, the superfluous. The exhibition unfolds along a path through two rooms of the Palazzo del Capitanio. A first space welcomes the visitor and introduces the theme of the exhibit through the exhibition of works and videos generating iridescent super-fluids. In the next room, the visitor will enter a site-specific artistic installation. The immersive work utilises multi-projection to populate the ceiling vaults with bioluminescent organisms while the central area of the room will feature a canvas with which a laser light will interact to evoke wine among the superfluous worlds. The installation will force us to abandon traditional visual and auditory points of reference and immerse ourselves in an imaginative and superfluous world and experience the oxymoron of the usefulness of the useless.


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