StandChat - Curated By Saverio Verini

Standchat, curated by Saverio Verini in collaboration with Ashtart, is the quick (strictly within half an hour) and informal chat programme (standing and without microphones) organised directly on stands at the Show where artists talk with critics starting from the works displayed in the gallery spaces. Standchat aims to be a tool to narrow the gap between visitors and artists and create an opportunity for reciprocal comparisons. As of this year, the formula will also involve gallery owners, thereby extending dialogue to another key figure in the art system.

The dialogues 2022

Friday 14 October
12.30 p.m Jacopo Belloni / Galleria Daniele Agostini
2.30 p.m Enrico Minguzzi / Nuova Galleria Morone
4.00 p.m Chiara Gambirasio / Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting
4.30 p.m Davide Maria Coltro / Kromya Art Gallery
Saturday 15th October
12.30 p.m Pino Deodato / Dep Art Gallery
2.30 p.m Patrick Tabarelli / Luca Tommasi
4.00 p.m Giovanni Chiamenti / Galleria Marrocco
4.30 p.m Alessandro Manfrin / Gian Marco Casini Gallery
Sunday 16 October
1.00 p.m Flavia Albu / Atipografia
2.30 p.m Serena Gamba / Isolo17 Gallery
3.30 p.m Marco Emmanuele / Labs Contemporary Art
4.30 p.m Alice Faloretti / Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea