Road to ArtVerona

ArtVerona follows up the permanent trade fair model by developing a digital programme designed to involve, expand and retain collectors, as well as promote and highlight the galleries attending the event and generate exclusive, in-depth content.

curated by Ashtart Consultancy
This initiative came into being thanks to the partnership between ArtVerona and Ashtart, a cultural management agency. It is part of the Nature/ US cultural management workshop involving five university students through digital communication and video storytelling. There is a focus on issues such as individuality, the creative process and the relationship between artists, institutions and the galleries involved.

curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi
Short interviews lasting fifteen minutes each with a focus on transparent investigation into the contemporary art system involving many different cultural figures: philosophers, collectors, artists, curators and institutional representatives will be called upon to analyse the current situation and potential new management methods; a chance for discussion through shared experiences between crisis and rebirth.

curated by Ginevra Bria
A preview of the new monographic section of the art fair targeting magazines. It highlights the role of criticism, information, the digital world and the connections that magazines build with artists, galleries and professionals in the Italian art system.