Presentation of the 19th edition of ArtVerona

The 19th edition of ArtVerona, scheduled from 11 to 13 October 2024 in pavilions 11 and 12 of Veronafiere, was presented in the Sala Pirelli of Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan. The event – directed for the fifth consecutive year by Stefano Raimondi and with the deputy artistic direction of Elena Forin – marks an important renewal in organisational terms, aiming to maintain the high level of quality offered by exhibitor galleries and collateral projects, which year after year strengthen the alliance with companies, institutions and the cultural fabric of the city itself.

“Veronafiere with ArtVerona has given rise to collaboration projects together with other events in its portfolio, such as Vinitaly and Progetto Fuoco and, in the near future, other such projects are in the pipeline in terms of direct collaboration with top brands. This activity is very useful for raising awareness throughout the business world with targeted projects,” said Federico Bricolo, President of Veronafiere S.p.A. “With ArtVerona, moreover, every edition features a cultural programme in collaboration with the main public and private institutions in the area, designed for the arrival of qualified collectors from Italy and abroad.”

“The upcoming edition of ArtVerona is designed as an exchange platform capable of reflecting on current events through a range of proposals,” added Stefano Raimondi, Artistic Director of ArtVerona. “The fair has managed to build a precise identity, nourished year after year with the presentation of novel initiatives through the involvement of numerous galleries, the commissioning of major works from Italian and international artists, the participation of foundations, archives and artists’ studios, the permeable dialogue with the city, and the attention paid to collectors and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the extraordinary site-specific and time-specific intervention by Ugo Rondinone, Fabio Mauri’s Habitat that brings together for the first time the entire corpus of the Zerbini, the project at the GAM by Mario Merz, the programme designed to welcome galleries and collectors, the numerous prizes and many other proposals at the fair and in the city, the 2024 edition of ArtVerona completes the path undertaken five years ago to promote and enhance the Italian art system.”

“The participation of the Civic Museums in the programming of ArtVerona’s events dedicated to contemporary art,” commented Patrizia Nuzzo, Curator in charge of the GAM’s Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, “may be seen once again this year through various collaboration projects that will take place across several museum sites, the most significant of which is the exhibition dedicated to Mario Merz organised by the GAM Achille Forti with ArtVerona and the Fondazione Merz, featuring a series of prestigious works on loan. Merz’s artistic career deserved to land in the halls of Palazzo della Ragione – after the extraordinary exhibition dedicated to Giulio Paolini, which rain through until August this year – both for the fascinating aspects of his language and for the importance of his creative path, which provides an incisive cross-section through recent art history.”

The Fondazione Cariverona, in the spaces of Castel San Pietro, will be hosting TOMORROWS – A Land of Water, curated by Jessica Bianchera and Marta Ferretti: an exhibition centred on the theme of water as a central and crucial element of our lives, both in its physical and symbolic meanings, open until 10 November 2024. Projects of international calibre continue in the 2024 edition, such as Red Carpet, which sees the involvement of artist Ugo Rondinone, and Habitat, which confirms the close collaboration with the Civic Museums of Verona, in particular with the Achille Forti Gallery of Modern Art, which will stage an exhibition dedicated to Mario Merz: a key figure in Arte Povera, with major loans from the collaboration with the Fondazione Merz of Turin, while the spaces at the fair will present a focus on the work of another great Italian artist: Fabio Mauri. The collaboration with ANGAMC – Associazione Nazionale Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries), a long-standing partner of ArtVerona, in support of the Italian art system – will also be strengthened.

There will be three display sections at the fair, plus a large number of participants from the publishing world and non-profit spaces. The Main Section, the heart of the event, is made up of a diverse yet selected presence of modern and contemporary art galleries, with proposals ranging from the works of historic artists to mid-career and younger artists. Innova, curated by Hannah Eckstein, is the section focusing on the most experimental and research-based emerging galleries, called upon to present a monograph or a group exhibition of up to three artists. Curated by, of which Giacinto di Pietrantonio is the curator, is the section aimed at young galleries, reflecting on the collaboration between them and an independent curator, commissioned with staging the stand project in a curatorial key. Over recent months, there have been several initiatives to approach and promote ArtVerona with a view to enlarging its sphere of influence, thanks to a strong synergy with the world of business and art. The first appointment took place in the sphere of Progetto Fuoco (28 February – 2 March 2024) – the world’s leading exhibition dedicated to biomass heating systems – where the Awards section showcased a collection of works from the VeronaFiere collection acquired over the years with the A Disposizione fund. Then in April, at Vinitaly, the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition (14–17 April 2024), the traditional Ristorante d’Autore, which as of this year changed its name to Ristorante d’Arte e d’Autore, hosted another fine selection of masterpieces from Veronafiere’s art collection. The message of contemporary art has thus been expanded to embrace other fields of business, and will continue its journey through initiatives aimed both at involving the public of the events hosted and the protagonists of various markets that have long shown attention and curiosity for visual languages. Another important stage in this journey saw a special evening held in Rome in May at the Studio Fabio Mauri, to sanction and strengthen the collaboration in place for this year’s Habitat. The event was attended by gallery owners, collectors, art advisors, journalists and protagonists from the art world.

On the Awards side, ArtVerona’s offering is strengthened thanks to the consolidation of partnerships with corporate and institutional entities and the generous support of collectors and private individuals. In addition to the A Disposizione acquisition fund promoted by Veronafiere, the 2024 edition will see the reconfirmation of the Tomorrows UniCredit residency and production award promoted by UniCredit and Fondazione Cariverona and aimed at supporting artistic research that addresses the challenges and changes of our times; the Premio A Collection; the Premio Montani Tesei; the Premio Casarini DueTorri Hotel; the Premio MZ Costruzioni; the Premio Massimiliano Galliani per il Disegno Under40; the Sustainable Art Prize; the Premio ArteMuseo; the Premio Icona sostenuto dalla Fondazione Coppola di Vicenza, the Marval Collection Award, stARTup promoted by the collector Nico Sgarzi; the Premio Fondazione The Bank per la pittura contemporanea, and the Display Prize. The Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone (1964, Brunnen) will be invited to create the Red Carpet of over 400 square metres, marking the opening of the upcoming edition of ArtVerona. The initiative is the result of an established partnership with Aquafil S.p.A., one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic fibres derived from recycled materials. Following on from the artists Paola Pivi (2021), Stefano Arienti (2022) and the American Peter Halley (2023), another internationally recognised big name will create the most iconic installation of the fair, which will be on show only during the three days of the event and will be set up at the entrance to pavilions 11 and 12, in the Galleria dei Signori.

One of the pivotal projects of ArtVerona’s recent itinerary, Habitat, in its third edition, will allow visitors to delve into the work of two great masters of Italian art, observing it from an unprecedented point of view. Habitat at the fair, staged in collaboration with Studio Fabio Mauri, will be dedicated to the work of Fabio Mauri, one of the most evocative and lyrical artists of our time, and will present the complete collection of Zerbini for the first time, created on several occasions between 1995 and 2009, in which the artist literally places thoughts and reflections on the ground, inviting the public to enter the work by stepping on it, immersing themselves in meaning that is indissolubly bound up in the material presence. At the Palazzo della Ragione, the Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti will instead be staging an exhibition dedicated to Mario Merz in collaboration with the Fondazione Merz of Turin. An indispensable figure from the Arte Povera scene, and one of international renown, Mario Merz made the interpenetration between work and environment the core of his artistic research. The exhibition itinerary devised by curators Patrizia Nuzzo, Head of the Modern and Contemporary Art Collections, and Stefano Raimondi, Artistic Director of ArtVerona, will focus on the archetypal elements that continually return in the artist’s production as coherent forms of a research under the banner of full expressive freedom.

The formats at the fair see the return of Visiting Curators, curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi, the programme that opens up to the hospitality of curatorial figures and directors of international museums or foundations to strengthen the network of highly qualified connections aimed at supporting Italian art. The professionals selected will be actively involved at ArtVerona 2024 in the investigation of new artistic research throughout the exhibition stands. This year, with a view to increasing the dynamism of the Italian system, curators and directors from the leading institutions in our country will be present, to initiate profitable exchanges and opportunities with the galleries present at the fair. Also confirmed is Standchat, curated by Saverio Verini, in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Civilisation of the University of Verona. Standchat encompasses a series of three-way dialogues between the curator and some of the artists and gallerists present at ArtVerona. The conversations start from the works exhibited on the stands, and the moment of encounter focuses on the interpretation of the artist’s work before moving back to view their path and poetics in a broader sense. This is an opportunity open to the public to become more familiar with the artists’ practices in a direct and informal manner, but also to better understand the role and outlook of the gallery owner. LAB, curated by Giulia Floris, is dedicated to artist residencies and non-profit projects. Each organisation invited is asked to develop an original project for the fair in relation to an ongoing institutional residency programme in Italy. The idea of a specific format on artist residencies stems from the mission of the institutions themselves, which is to foster the development of a research project in dialogue with the host.

ArtVerona’s Advisory Board has been further enriched with the arrival of Vanessa Carlon, the Veronese entrepreneur, vice-president of the Palazzo Maffei Fondazione Carlon and director of the Casa Museo di Palazzo Maffei, which she helped set up. Carlon’s appointment is in addition to the entry of two other key figures, Katia Da Ros and Virginia Montani Tesei, who in recent months have supported the work of Antonio Coppola, Giorgio Fasol, Massimo Gazzani and Alessia Zorloni. This edition will not be lacking in the consumer-oriented appointments that accompany ArtVerona throughout the year and also take place during the days of the fair, as part of an extensive cultural programme called Art&TheCity, held thanks to collaboration with the city’s leading public and private institutions: the Musei Civici di Verona, Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo, the University and the Academy of Fine Arts.

Cabaret – the format devised by Nicolas Ballario – continues with the complicity of the musician Rodrigo d’Erasmo, revolutionising the model of art meetings at art fairs: no longer conferences for insiders only, but musical events designed to tell of the contemporary world in a more enthralling way. These include the show LIVES! conceived by Nicolas Ballario – the well-known face of Sky Arte, voice of Radio Rai and contemporary art expert – and the musician Rodrigo D’Erasmo – multi-instrumentalist, composer and member of the group Afterhours. The authors will bring to the stage the story of the life of a great protagonist of contemporary art, mixed in words and music. After the success of the event on 5 April this year, dedicated to the living icon Marina Abramovic, Lives will continue throughout the evenings of ArtVerona. A new curatorial and exhibition project will welcome publishing houses and magazines to ArtVerona 2024. The publishing section will be positioned with a renovated layout adjacent to the talk area, in a location designed to stimulate encounter and dialogue between the various players in the art system. ArtVerona offers a true VIP Experience to its most prestigious guests, which starts with the provision of special appointments and exclusive areas within the fair, and extends throughout the city of Verona, involving public and private institutions, collections, museums, galleries, entire neighbourhoods and, of course, the most evocative venues that make Verona a city famous throughout the world. Around 10,000 collectors, VIPs and art professionals are invited annually by ArtVerona, and 700 rooms are made available for hospitality around the city throughout the event.