Performance & the City

The performance program conceived for ArtVerona 2021 was all female: created by two women curators, Claudia Santeroni and Maria Marzia Minelli, and focused on the work of three women artists, Marijke De Roover, SAGG Napoli and Sophie Jung. The choice to work in pairs responds to the need to conduct a practice in which meeting and exchange constitute a research method, making the interaction between ideas and languages a multiplier of opportunities. It is within this framework that the choice to present Marijke De Roover, SAGG Napoli and Sophie Jung stands – three artists who tackle urgent contemporary issues through works based on the contamination between stage presence, the performative aspect of language and the ability to model space through voice, text, sculpture, sound and video.

Marijke De Roover’s works are musical bricolages, constructions in which the artist brings together elements of various origins to generate unexpected connotations. In her performances and videos, the artist accosts images with texts in the attempt to induce the public to question society by tackling themes such as politics, humour, emotions, human existence, religion, the cult of health and maternity. Conscious and proud of her origins, SAGG uses the city of Naples as a starting point for a review of the cultures and subcultures that arise in those places that are bridges and crossways between the North and the South in the world. Continuously operating on the borderline between high and low, SAGG’s work promotes the liberation of the body and of female sexuality from the stereotypes that still afflict them. Sophie Jung activates sculpture settings using performances that start without warning, transforming elements of the installation into visceral props and vice versa. Veined with a feminist spirit, Jung uses humour, embarrassment, the absurd, rage, rhythm, rhymes and a constant flow of lapsus to challenge the silence imposed by the obligation to reach final conclusions.


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