MZ Costruzioni Prize edition 2022

The MZ Costruzioni Price  for all artists under 40 without language limits, went to Santiago Reyes Villaveces, represented by Ncontemporary (Milan, London), for his work “Goodwill Moon Rock”(2021), with the following motivation: “This work reveals the contemporary colonial stereotype that, after dividing up the planet, is now dreaming of the galaxy. And if, during the Cold War, the moon landing transformed scientific research into a political weapon, this work highlights a regression in the conflict that today sees the world’s superpowers resume nuclear threats. The jury therefore nominates this artist for his ability to look at a past that today seems to be more relevant than ever: cold war, colonialism and the conquest of the moon intersect in a work replete with references and high formal quality.”
Antonio Zito was joined in analysis and selection work by Alessandra Troncone, curator and art historian who works in Italy and internationally, and Nicolas Ballario, journalist, author and presenter of contemporary art programmes on Radio Uno Rai, LA7 and Sky Arte.
The MZ Costruzioni Prize was first made in 2019 on the initiative of Antonio and Michele Zito, entrepreneurs and collectors who have made the solidity, innovation and eco-sustainability of steel the founding values of their company.
Since 2011, this corporate vision has been further strengthened through passion, commitment and support for artistic research. The goal is to help promote the system through the acquisition of works that represent values such as transformation and growth.

Goodwill Moon Rock (2021), by Santiago Reyes Villaveces,  represented by Ncontemporary (Milan, London)