Habitat is a format that investigates the relationship between the work of art, the space and the public, where the work of art becomes an environment to be frequented, enjoyed, in fact a habitat, to be ‘lived in’, offering visitors the opportunity to measure up to its physicality as well as both its spatial and experiential dimensions. The project was conceived with the aim of delving into a specific strand of research: that which emerged in Italy from the late 1940s on the impetus of Lucio Fontana and which found its apex in the 1960s, developing diversified paths over time up to the present. The visitor is thus invited not only to ‘look at’ but also to ‘experience’ the works, i.e. to ‘enter them’.


L’Habitat in fiera è dedicato a Fabio Mauri

For the third edition of Habitat, in collaboration with the Studio Fabio Mauri in Rome, the complete collection of Fabio Mauri’s Zerbini (Doormats), one of the artist’s most iconic and evocative works, will be presented for the first time in the exhibition spaces. Produced on several occasions between 1995 and 2009, the Zerbini are works in which language, form and fruition become one. In them, the artist literally places thoughts and reflections on the ground, inviting the public to enter the work, treading on it, immersing themselves in its meaning inextricably embedded in the material.

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Mario Merz. Il numero è un animale vivente

I Musei Civici di Verona – Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti and ArtVerona present Mario Merz

11 October 2024 – 30 March 2025
curated by Patrizia Nuzzo and Stefano Raimondi

Collaboration between the Musei Civici di Verona – GAM and ArtVerona for the second edition of the Habitat format continues with an exhibition project hosting the works of another great artist at Palazzo della Ragione. After the success of the first edition, featuring Giulio Paolini, the collaboration between ArtVerona and the Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti with the Habitat format – a project within the Verona exhibition event dedicated to immersive artistic environments – is consolidated through a new edition that will host the works of another great artist in the spaces of GAM: Mario Merz.

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