Scheduled events and Format


This project presents some works by historic artists conceived as full-immersion settings and rooms capable of creating innovative application models of use and offering visitors an unprecedented viewing experience.


Curated by Nicolas Ballario

The Talk program this year seeks to revolutionise the concept of meetings at art fairs: no longer lectures for insiders only but appointments with an almost theatrical flavour to narrate the contemporary. There are three types of “Cabaret”: fast-paced 25-minute speaking marathons where participants will have a maximum of two minutes each to present a book, a museum or an exhibition; one against all, where “very particular” figures will be put on trial by the art world and vice versa; the show LIVES, conceived by musician Rodrigo D’Erasmo, multi-instrumentalist, composer and member of Afterhours, and by Ballario himself who presents on stage with words and music the life of a leading contemporary artist.

Red Carpet

Project that contributes to making the event an immersive experience, where the presence of the public becomes an integral part of its cultural proposal.

Visiting Curator

Curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi

Multi-year project in which ArtVerona invites leading Directors and Curators from international museums to discover the proposal of ArtVerona’s galleries.


Curated by Elena Forin

Project conceived and developed to create dialogue and concrete opportunities between 5 Italian museums and foundations and 5 artists presented at ArtVerona.
ArteMuseo is a multi-year format conceived as a continuation of LEVEL0, dedicated to the collaboration between the different players of the art system – Fairs, Museums, Foundations, Galleries, Artists.


Curated by Saverio Verini

The format offers the public the chance to meet vis-à-vis the artists exhibiting their work at the Fair inside the galleries representing them. The starting point is a specific work capable of ‘speaking to the public’ also through the words of the artist and of the curator.