Visiting Curator

Curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi

Visiting Curator, on the other hand, is the new multi-year project whereby ArtVerona invites important Directors and Curators of international museum institutions to discover the offering by ArtVerona galleries.

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ArteMuseo Award

Curated by Elena Forin

The new project conceived for the 17th edition . “ArteMuseo Award” aims to create and develop dialogue and effective opportunities between 5 Italian museums and foundations and 5 artists presented at ArtVerona.
“ArteMuseo Award” is a multi-year project conceived by ArtVerona as an ideal continuation for LEVEL0, the format promoting collaboration between the various players in the art system – Art Fairs, Museums, Foundations, Galleries and Artists.


Video Collections

Curated by Jessica Bianchera and Marta Ferretti
in collaboration with Careof and Urbs Picta

CAMERA – Video Collections is a systematic sampling of works from several Italian and international video collections.

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Red Carpet

Curated by Stefano Arienti
in collaboration with Aquafil S.p.A.

The Red Carpet experiences continues as a way of making the event an engaging experience, where visitors becomes an integral part of the cultural proposal.
The protagonist of this edition is Stefano Arienti (Asola, Mantova, 1961), one of the most highly-regarded Italian artists on an international scale. On this occasion, he will create an entirely modular carpet measuring about 500 square meters, in ECONYL®, a nylon thread produced 100% from recycled plastic waste (fishing nets, carpets, fabrics, industrial waste, etc.) thanks to partnership with Aquafil S.p.A., one of the world’s leading exponents in the production of synthetic fibres from recycled materials.

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Andrea Castrignano for ArtVerona

Curated by Andrea Castrignano

Interior designer Andrea Castrignano has achieved a creative look for the hall and shared areas of ArtVerona 2022 by emphasising the concept of “hospitality” that characterizes the spirit of the fair. The objective is to develop functional design spaces as regards the work hosted by the show that are also enjoyable for visitors. The use of colour and the choice of fabrics, textures and materials will be harmonized with the context, leaving the leading role to art.


Curated by Saverio Verini

The format offers the public the chance to meet vis-à-vis the artists exhibiting their work at the Fair inside the galleries representing them. The starting point is a specific work capable of ‘speaking to the public’ also through the words of the artist and of the curator.

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Curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi

Short 15-minute interviews intended to conduct a transparent investigation into the contemporary art system through the involvement of various culture-related figures, such as philosophers, collectors, artists, curators, institutional representatives who will be asked to reveal their thoughts about the current situation and the new, possible ways of handling it. This is an opportunity for exchange by sharing experiences of crisis and rebirth.


ArtVerona Meeting

Every day of ArtVerona includes a meeting with the crucial figures of the contemporary art system in Italy, figures who also play an important role at ArtVerona 17.

Stefano Arienti
In dialogue with Stefano Raimondi and Stefano Baia Curioni
Friday 14 October at 3.00 pm

Giorgio Andreotta Calò
In dialogue with Elena Forin
Saturday 15 October at 3.00 pm

Matteo Piccioni, Fabio De Chirico and Danilo Ruggiero
In dialogue with Giulia Floris
Sunday 16 October at 12.00

@ Recharge Room, Galleria dei Signori, ArtVerona