Fair Format


After the success of the last two editions, which saw Luciano Fabro, Marina Apollonio, Nanda Vigo and Ugo La Pietra, Giulio Paolini, Marinella Pirelli and Gianni Colombo as protagonists, it will also take place in 2024 both in the spaces of the fair and at the GAM in Verona, presenting settings created in the 1960s by important Italian artists, who drew inspiration from the impetus and teaching of Lucio Fontana’s settings.


Curated by Nicolas Ballario

A live set-up seeking to overturn the concept of talks in art fairs: no longer conferences for professionals only, but meetings with an almost theatrical flair to talk about the contemporary.

Red Carpet

Designed by Paola Pivi (2021), Stefano Arienti (2022) and Peter Halley (2023), it has become one of ArtVerona’s most recognisable and identifying projects. It is a monumental work of art, which takes the shape of a carpet measuring more than 400 square metres, and welcomes visitors to Galleria dei Signori, becoming a meeting platform and an immediately recognizable artistic sign.

Visiting Curators

Curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi

A multi-year project in which ArtVerona has been inviting important Directors and Curators of international museums to discover the proposal of the ArtVerona galleries.


Curated by Saverio Verini

The set-up offers the public the opportunity to meet the artists featured at the fair face-to-face, in the galleries representing them. The starting point is a specific work that can “speak to the public” also through the words of the artist and the curator.


Curated by Giulia Floris

Section dedicated to artistic residencies and non-profit experimental projects. Each invited space was asked to develop a project for the fair that was attuned to an ongoing institutional artist residency programme in Italy. The idea of involving artistic residencies as partnering institutions was born of the fundamental concepts of hospitality and exploration that underlie these realities.