17^ edition

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The most innovative modern and contemporary art show is back to promote the Italian art system.

Innovations in the program include the first edition of Visiting Curator, the multi-year project involving directors and curators of international institutions, the two Habitat and Curated by sections and the Art Museum Award.

Art Director: Stefano Raimondi


ArtVerona returns to Veronafiere 14-16 October 2022.

Now at its 17th edition, ArtVerona #ITALIANSYSTEM – the identity defining the three-year period 2020-2022 – strengthens dialogue between national operators and welcomes international guests to promote and support the Italian art system and offer a collectors and visitors a rewarding experience. The event is dedicated to all generations and audiences by taking the path of innovation, sustainability and accessibility. This first three-year management approach is a distinct path of evolution for ArtVerona, with a different vision of the event towards long-term planning of events and formats.

ArtVerona is organized by VeronaFiere. Art Director Stefano Raimondi is assisted by a consolidated team of art critics and historians – Jessica Bianchera, Ginevra Bria, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Marta Ferretti, Giulia Floris, Elena Forin, Maria Marzia Minelli, Claudia Santeroni, Maria Chiara Valacchi and Saverio Verini – now joined by Domenico Quaranta, known for his investigation into new media art and the impact of digital media on artistic activity, as the new curator of the Evolution section.

ArtVerona 2022: innovations

ArtVerona 2022 will welcome many innovations, starting with two new sections: Habitat and Curated by.

Habitat is a cultural project that presents important environments of great Italian artists in history, conceived as full-immersion spaces capable of creating engaging models of fruition while offering visitors an unprecedented viewing experience.

Curated by presents proposals by galleries collaborating with curators to implement stands and thereby emphasise some of the ways in which the relationship between gallery, curator and artist can develop.

The show strengthens its international network thanks to the new multi-year Visiting Curator project, curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi: directors and curators of museum institutions all over the world are invited to discover the research and artists of galleries at ArtVerona and take participate as members of the award juries.

In 2022, Verona will welcome Chrissie Iles, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, Nadim Samman, curator at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Michal Novotný, director of the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Gallery in Prague, and Christian Malycha, director of the Friedrichs Foundation, Bonn/Weidingen.

Even the Pages section, curated by Ginevra Bria, comes forward in a new international guise by inviting top sector magazines to present their history, the role of criticism and information. Pages proposes a dialogue between six Italian artists and six European publishers: AKV, Berlin, Blood Becomes Water, Sofia, It’s Freezing in LA, London, Onomatopee, Amsterdam, Sorry Press, Munich, and Sub-Zero, Paris.

Other innovations include the first edition of the ArteMuseo Award, curated by Elena Forin, a three-year project that directly continues the positive experience of LEVEL 0, the format dedicated to the collaboration between the various players in the art system.

ArteMuseo comes into being as a long-term initiative to create and develop dialogue and effective opportunities between 5 Italian museums and foundations and 5 artists presented at ArtVerona. For at least three years, the Show will select on rotation 5 museums and foundations in Italy that intend to dedicate an exhibition project to an artist chosen from among those presented by exhibiting galleries.


Established events at ArtVerona

The Main section is the heart of the event. It is now further enhanced by the involvement of new quality proposals in the modern and contemporary art scene. It showcases a number of galleries that share qualified research into Italian and international artists, from those with well-established reputations to emerging figures.

The Introduction sections return, curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, where established galleries are invited to present the exhibition spaces they have helped bring into being and supported their growth, highlighting the transmission of knowledge across generations that distinguishes the art system; the Next section is dedicated to galleries that promote up to three talented new artists as promoters of innovative artistic languages; Evolution, curated by Domenico Quaranta, emphasises the importance that ArtVerona focuses on the most experimental languages and brings together galleries that work with artists capable of developing their own research and drawing inspiration from different technologies and areas such as video games, artificial intelligence, social networks, apps, 3D animations, Coding, Big Data and nano-technologies; Solo: galleries are invited to promote the work of a single Italian artist of the 1990s generation through a monographic stand; The second edition of LAB, curated by Giulia Floris, focuses on non-profit experimental realities active in Italy on behalf of contemporary art, and their interaction with the rest of the art system.


ArtVerona and the local area

Art & The City by ArtVerona expands and dialogues with the city and the local area by organizing and promoting an agenda of events involving various public and private institutions and some of the most significant locations in the city of Verona. They will take part in a coordinated program of exhibitions and activities taking in performances, videos, design, interplay with music, public installations and visits to collections. This programme will also include Performance & The City, curated by Claudia Santeroni and Maria Marzia Minelli, presenting the work of two leading international artists: Annamaria Ajmone and Claudia Pagès Rabal; Sculpture & The City, curated by Elena Forin, focuses on the languages of sculpture and installations.

The event now comes forward to the public with a new visual identity representing the rich, significant artistic research taking place all over Italy. The coordinated image, created by Studio Temp involves graphics highlighting the natural landscapes across the country, from Valpolicella to Baia delle Zagare, Scala dei Turchi, Terme di Saturnia and Monte Bianco.