Collection & the City

With the 2022 edition ArtVerona intends to start a closer dialogue with the most prestigious private collections of the city.

The VIP Program this year is characterized by the promotion of three private collections – and their three different models of private collecting – whose fame extends well beyond Verona and its local area: Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo with the amazing journey between ancient and contemporary created by Luigi Carlon in the heart of Verona; the works of young and established artists on the Italian and international scene of AGIVERONA exhibited at the Santa Marta University Centre, and the patronage model promoted by the De Iorio Collection, housed in the ZAI Tecnomed Diagnostic Centre and the adjacent exhibition area.

Moreover, following the Common places: Historic and industrial construction and monumental sites exhibition in Verona by Gabriele Basilico and Alessandra Chemollo open until 4 September in Castel San Pietro, Palazzo del Capitanio and Palazzo Pellegrini, the head offices of the Cariverona Foundation, founded in the context of the “Visual Art Collection Management and Curating” training course developed in collaboration with the University of Verona, ABAV Verona Academy of Fine Arts and IUSVE,the Cariverona Foundation continues along the path of restitution and dialogue with the city through the languages of contemporary art through a project that enhances the calendar of events in the city itself during ArtVerona.