A Disposizione. Veronafiere for art

“A Disposizione” is the Veronafiere fund for art acquisitions set up in 2018.
With this Award, Veronafiere clearly states the importance of ArtVerona as a central event in the project to bring art, culture and business together, as well as the value of collecting and supporting artistic practices that promote values linked with innovation.
Veronafiere is currently determined to develop specific outlines to build and expand its collection, as well as a plan for sharing these works with the public and exponents in the art system.

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ArteMuseo Award

ArtVerona is delighted to announce “ArteMuseo Award “, a new project conceived for the 17th edition of the Show scheduled 14-16 October 2022. “ArteMuseo Award” aims to create and develop dialogue and effective opportunities between 5 Italian museums and foundations and 5 artists presented at ArtVerona.
“ArteMuseo Award” is a multi-year project conceived by ArtVerona as an ideal continuation for LEVEL0, the format promoting collaboration between the various players in the art system – Art Fairs, Museums, Foundations, Galleries and Artists.

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Icon Award

Icon is the historic ArtVerona award made in recognition of a significant work within the contemporary art panorama that symbolically represents the historical moment.
The Award is supported each year by a different collector and the acquisition seeks to create a structured partnership between the various realities in the system: the Art Show, clients and the institutional landmark for contemporary art in Verona: GAM Achille Forti Museum of Modern Art.
Thanks to increasingly closer dialogue between Veronafiere and the Museum, as of this edition the strategy outlined envisages the exhibition of the work for six months in the Sala degli Scacchi at GAM Achille Forti. This will be an opportunity to institutionalize the exhibition path of the work earning the Award but also an opportunity for dialogue and comparison between the Collector, the Museum and the Artist.

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A Collection Award

For the third year running, A Collection of Collections APS chooses ArtVerona as the landmark Show for its annual Award. A Collection curated by Chiara Casarin offers the winner the chance to design a tapestry and be involved in production stages. The tapestry will be made by master weaver Giovanni Bonotto who, through dialogue with the artist, then builds the visual identity of the work. The 25 large tapestries made so far were also produced using yarns obtained from processing recycled plastic, thereby combining environmental and ethical commitment with attention and support to the most pertinent developments in contemporary visual research.

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Casarini Duetorrihotel Award

The well-established project at its 7th edition in 2022 continues the partnership between the Duetorrihotels Group and ArtVerona. The Award – open to all under 40 Italian and international figurative artists – envisages the acquisition of a work expressed through the language of painting. This choice reflects the desire to commemorate Pino Casarini (1897-1972), who painted the “Equestrian Circus” in the extraordinary Arena of the same name, and the great “Tournament of the Knights of Brandenburg” on show inside the Due Torri Hotel, thereby highlighting the Group’s commitment to support research, visibility and talent among younger generations.

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De Buris Award

The partnership between Tommasi family and ArtVerona continues for the third consecutive year and includes the second edition of the De Buris Award, the group’s high-end brand and project.
The Award is open to all under-40 Italian and international visual artists and envisages the acquisition of a work which best expresses the essence of De Buris Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Docg Riserva, highlights the luxury of time and expresses its philosophy wherein tradition and modernity co-exist.
“Finding our future by looking at the past” is the theme for the award in order to celebrate the contemporary nature of a great, classic local wine such as Amarone della Valpolicella.

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Display Award

In addition to the acquisitions made by the “A Disposizione” fund, Veronafiere offers another way to support the art system through recognition of three galleries presenting works and artists not only of high quality but who have also been able to design an effective, dynamic, coherent and innovative layout for their exhibition space at the Art Show.
The Prize envisages that the three exhibitors receiving the award (two for the Main Sections and one for the Special Sections) will benefit from discounts when registering for ArtVerona 2023.

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Montani Tesei Award

Launched in 2020 with the intent of offering concrete support to the art system in such a difficult period of time, the Montani Tesei Award is promoted by the Studio Legale Montani Tesei law firm specialised in art and cultural heritage law. The prize will be assigned by a panel of female judges and will take into consideration all the artists exhibiting at ArtVerona favoring cutting edge surveys, without artistic medium or language barriers. The client’s intent, in fact, is not only to support young artists via the purchase of a work of art but also to bring the ideas and visions of the younger generations into dialogue with the more ‘mature’ section of the art system.

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Massimiliano Galliani Under 35 for Drawing Award

The second edition of the Massimiliano Galliani Award for Drawing Under 35, promoted by the ArtMacs cultural association and Montecchio Emilia Local Council. Founded by the family of artist Massimiliano Galliani, after his premature death, the ArtMacs cultural association intends to spread and consolidate his memory, as well support the future of younger generations.
The award-winning work will be purchased by the association in order to build a collection over time dedicated to contemporary design, while Montecchio Emilia Local Council – which supports ArtMacs in efforts to uphold Galliani’s memory while also encouraging new talent – will acquire a second work and in 2023 will organize a personal show for the winner of the Prize.

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MZ Construction Award

The MZ Costruzioni Prize was born in 2019 on the initiative of Antonio and Michele Zito, two entrepreneurs and collectors who have made the solidity, innovation and eco-sustainability of steel the founding values of their company. Since 2011, this vision has been further strengthened through passion, commitment and support for artistic research: ArtVerona is therefore delighted to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this project and this corporate collection by renewing such a significant partnership. The Award is open to all artists under 40 without language restrictions: the aim is to be functional to the system through the acquisition of a work that represents values such as transformation and growth.

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Sustainable Art Prize

The commitment to sustainability is highlighted through a series of projects implemented by ArtVerona: they include the Sustainable Art Prize, founded in 2017 through the agreement between the Sustainability Office of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and ArtVerona.
The processing of content and vision associated with sustainable development is consequently the fundamental focus of this Award. It involves an exhibition at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice of a work investigating one or more of the 17 objectives of the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development and embraces the approach constructed by the University itself. After the Award is made, the project envisages the involvement of students in artistic work and their willingness for interplay with input by researchers and experts in the search for a collective synthesis as a metaphor for the collaborative approach vital for sustainable development.
The innovation this year is inspired by a desire to establish a stronger relationship with the local area. For this reason, the Prize will involve not only Ca’ Foscari but also the other universities in the Veneto Region (IUAV University of Venice, University of Padua and University of Verona) to launch a participatory and shared project where knowledge and skills will implemented in a system.

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