A Disposizione. Veronafiere per l’arte

This is the acquisition fund of Veronafiere for the arts, created in 2018. A Disposizione award, which sees Veronafiere itself invest in the purchase of works on display. Through this fund, Veronafiere reconfirms the importance of ArtVerona as a central event in the project of bringing together art, culture and business.

Arte in Museo

ArtVerona is delighted to announce “Arte in Museo”, a new project conceived for the 17th edition of the Show scheduled 14-16 October 2022. “Arte in Museo” aims to create and develop dialogue and effective opportunities between 5 Italian museums and foundations and 5 artists presented at ArtVerona.
“Arte in Museo” is a multi-year project conceived by ArtVerona as an ideal continuation for LEVEL0, the format promoting collaboration between the various players in the art system – Art Fairs, Museums, Foundations, Galleries and Artists.


A Collection Award

ArtVerona is proud to announce that the cooperation with A Collection will continue in the upcoming 2022 edition. ‘A Collection’ is a production award associated with an artist residency project.  The winning artist, chosen from those exhibited by the galleries participating in ArtVerona 2022, will have the opportunity to design a tapestry and attend the first stages of its weaving by the master weaver Giovanni Bonotto who through his guidance will build together with the artist the visual identity of the work. More than 20 large tapestries that have been produced up to now have been made also with the use of yarns obtained from the processing of recycled plastic, a fact that brings environmental and ethical purpose to the most refined contemporary art research.


Display Award

ArtVerona confirms its support of the art system by offering a prize to the two galleries that will have presented not only works and artists of very high quality but also will have expressed the ability to present them in the most effective, dynamic, coherent and innovative way. The prize consists in awarding the two exhibiting galleries, one per pavilion, a price discount on their registration for ArtVerona 2022.


Icona Award

The Award consists of the acquisition of a work that symbolically represents the Fair intended as an event that promotes the Italian art system and helps to outline the contours of the contemporary art panorama.


Montani Tesei Award

Launched in 2020 with the intent of offering concrete support to the art system in such a difficult period of time, the Montani Tesei Award is promoted by the Studio Legale Montani Tesei law firm specialised in art and cultural heritage law. The prize will be assigned by a panel of female judges and will take into consideration all the artists exhibiting at ArtVerona favoring cutting edge surveys, without artistic medium or language barriers. The client’s intent, in fact, is not only to support young artists via the purchase of a work of art but also to bring the ideas and visions of the younger generations into dialogue with the more ‘mature’ section of the art system.


Massimiliano Galliani per il Disegno Award

Promoted by the cultural association artMacs, set up by the family of the artist Massimiliano Galliani, who died prematurely, the Award aims to spread and consolidate his memory, and support the future of the younger generations. The winning work will be purchased by the association in order to build up over time a collection dedicated to contemporary drawing. This project stems from a painful mourning that seeks, through Art, a redemption that is not only memory, but above all a future for the young creative generations to which Massimiliano Galliani belonged.