A Disposizione. Veronafiere for Art

The A Disposizione – Veronafiere for Art Prize was awarded to four artists through the acquisition of works that highlight very different kinds of research and approach, from painting to collage, drawing and photography:Cristian Chironi (1974), with “Untitled”, 2022, represented by Ncontemporary (Milan, London), Donata Lazzarini (1968), with “La Montagna Rosa e Morel ”, 2017, represented by Artericambi  (Verona), Luca Lupi  (1970), with “Dittico #2 | 42°42’29’’N 10°59’11’’E | 23 June 2019 – 08 October 2019”, 2019, represented byCardelli & Fontana Artecontemporanea, Sarzana (SP), and Alfredo Pirri(1957), with “Cose Illuminate”, 2013, represented by Z2O Sara Zanin(Rome).
Set up in 2018, A Disposizione  is Veronafiere’s art acquisition fund.
With this Award, Veronafiere clearly states the importance of ArtVerona as a central event in the project to bring art, culture and business together, as well as the value of collecting and supporting artistic practices that promote values linked with innovation.
Veronafiere is currently developing specific outlines to build and expand its collection, as well as a plan for sharing these works with the public and exponents in the art system.


Untitled, 2022, by Cristian Chironi (1974) , represented by Ncontemporary, Milan, London

La montagna rosa e Morel, 2017, by Donata Lazzarini (1968), represented by Artericambi, Verona

Dittico #2 42°42’29’’N 10°59’11’E 23 giugno 2019 – 08 ottobre 2019, by Luca Lupi (1970), represented by Cardelli&Fontana Artecontemporanea, Sarzana (SP)

Cose illuminate, 2013, by Alfredo Pirri (1957), represented by  Z2O Sara Zanin (Rome)